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Customer Reviews

At Diego’s Burritos we love hearing from our satisfied customers. Read what some of them have to say:

”The service is always spectacular, friendly, quick and without the unnecessary pleasantries that would get in the way of their tasty, juicy, and reasonably priced burritos. My favorite is the spicy barbacoa and their green sauce.”

Kevin W., San Angelo, TX on Diego’s #2 

 “This place kept me alive in college. The tortillas and everything are fresh. The portions are generous for the price. The salsa is good. The prices are very competitive. When I used to go every morning or twice a day as a student, they gave me a student discount.”
Luke B., San Angelo, TX on Diego’s #3

“Need a quick breakfast burrito? This is the best place to get burritos! Their tortillas are great, and the contents are yummy. Don't forget napkins because it can get greasy! This isn't health food.”

Tim P., San Angelo, TX

“Can’t say enough good things about these burritos. It's burrito paradise.”

Kathy, San Angelo, TX 


We love hearing positive feedback, as well as constructive criticism. If you have recently visited one of our four locations, share your thoughts with us. Please visit our Facebook page, and write us a review today!